Special Event Hosting

In cooperation with The St. Louis and Suburban Radio Club, Inc. (WØSRC) and Mark Biernacki, KB5YZY, we offer Special Event hosting services to other radio clubs. For details on these services, click here.

Below is a listing of the Special Event sites we have/are/will be hosting:

For my home club, the St. Louis and Suburban Radio Club, Inc.

  • W0A - 45th Anniversary of the completion of the St. Louis Gateway Arch
  • W0E - 200th Anniversary of the New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811-1812
  • W0L - 83rd Anniversary of the Charles Lindbergh Trans-Atlantic flight, May 1927
  • W0SRC - 12th Annual SKYWARN Recognition Day from the NWS Offices at St. Louis
For my home club, the OMIK Amateur Radio Association, Inc.
  • OMIK - 58th Anniversary of the OMIK Amateur Radio Association
For another local St. Louis club, the St. Louis Amateur Radio Club
  • W6P - Yearly Route 66 - America's Main Street special event, St. Louis stop
For my friends in Deleware, OH
  • K8H - The Annual Deleware All-Horse Parade, largest all-horse parade in the US
For my friends at the Midland Amateur Radio Club in Midland, TX
  • KD5C - Commemorative flight of "FIFI" B-29 Superfortress #44-62070
For my friends at the Columbia County Amateur Radio Club and the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center
For my friends at the Tall Corn Amateur Radio Club
  • K0R - The annual Boone Speedway "Frost Buster Race"

For more information, E-mail to w0sjs @ arrl dot net