When I Operate Patio/p
(Patio station: Ten Tec Jupiter, wire vertical & KK-2 paddle)

During the spring, summer and fall when the weather is nice I often operate "patio portable".

My patio station often is my main rig, Ten Tec Juipter, running from a MFJ switching power supply and using the American Morse Equipment KK-2 paddle.

In this picture you can see the basic setup. If you look at the tree seen behind the operating position to its left you will see a black mast. This is my wire vertical. It consists of the MFJ Model 1910, 33 foot fiberglass mast with my two-wire vertical radiator taped up its length. One wire is 33 feet and the other is 26 feet and both are fed at the same time using a special hook-up box to connact the coax. The vertical has 5 quarter wave permanent radials, and I can use this vertical from both the patio and from the in door shack.

Often, my 3 dogs are helping me out. Tedi will sit next to me and make sure that my other hand is occupied when keying by petting her. Pokie will bring her favorite ball for me to throw and play catch with and Lady Lou will be the guard.

Thanks for taking a look at my portable set up and will be looking for you some nice afternoon.