Welcome - WØSJS

This is the "key row" that I currently have to choose from.
From left to right:
VizKey Cootie, Begali Simplex Pro, J.H. Bennell Steel Lever, American Morse Bushwacker,
and Chezk. Military DK-10
WØSJS operating CW at Field Day 2010 for the St. Louis and Suburban Radio Club.

Place your mouse over a region for local time.

Over the years I have had lots of different shack configurations including a Hallicrafters SX-100/HT44 station, Kenwood 599D Twins, Kenwood TS-830s, Ten Tec Century 21, Ten Tec Triton IV, Ten Tec Scout, and Ten Tec Corsair II.

The current station is a Ten Tec Jupiter with one of the following keys & antennas:

Begali Signature (magnetic return paddle)
• G3GHE's TW MagPad (magnetic return paddle)
Begali Simplex Pro (spring return paddle)
• Brown Brothers CTL-A paddle
Vizkey,K4VIZ Key (sideswiper "cootie" key)
, American Morse (single lever paddle)
Czeck. Military Key DK-10 (hand key)
J.H. Bunnell Steel Lever Key (hand key)
• retro-fitted Vibroplex Vibro Keyer Cootie Key
• Whiterook MK-32 Cootie Key

• 160 m inverted L
• 80 m dipole
Force 12, Sigma 40 vertical dipole
• 40 m doublet
• WARC band Fan-dipolel
• WØSJS "Patio" antenna, resonate tri-band wire vertical
...for 30 & 20 meters

If your interested in the Cootie (sideswiper) key and methods of keying you can visit the Sideswiper Net for details, pictures, links and more.  Look for me most often on 80, 40, 30 and 20 meters; and, CW of course!