Why it was give away.
The Ten Tec Scout (555) that you saw here was, for a time, my main HF station. I know that may seem funny with its band modules and 50w output, but it was a great rig and the Jones filter was something to behold. I got this rig from an eHam contact from a Ham in OK who had used it mobile for a short time and then it became a backup rig.

When I got it I had only the 40 and 20 meter modules but was able to pick up all of the others except the 160 meter module. I figured that at 50 watts and only a wire antenna for Top band I was kidding myself about having any real luck on 160.

As many know the Scout has a warbling frequency shift if you run the keyer at to fast a speed or if you really push the output .. but, at the factory setting of 50w and at 25 wpm or less it was almost flawless. I can remember many a QSO that I was told that my Scout was one of the few they had ever worked that did not jump around, although it did once in a while.

It was a great portable rig too and had a lot of time in different locations. Eventually it was the third rig in the shack and was not getting much use. At about the same time a good Ham friend and club member was looking for a rig to use for a weekend with the Scouts. He had just upgraded to General and wanted to share the HF experience with his Boy Scouts at an upcoming camp out. So, I told him he was welcome to borrow the Scout and there was no hurry in getting it back. Well, as I understand it later, he had a great time and it worked flawlessly for him. He went on so much about how great it was and how much fun he had that I knew it was time for him to have it. And, as of a recent club meeting he is still enjoying it and that makes me feel great.